SALINAS Buddhist Temple   •   14 California Street, Salinas

MONTEREY YMCA   •   600 Camino El Estero, Monterey

SCHEDULE  (practices are year-round except during special events and holiday periods)

SALINAS:   Monday 7:00-8:00pm (Keiko for advanced kenshi)

                    Thursday 6:00-8:00pm (First hour for young children)

    >>>  Salinas practices switch to Wednesday-Only from mid-June through late July  <<<

MONTEREY:  Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm; Friday 6:00-8:30pm (Kendo and Iaido)                     

APPLICATION   <<< click to print out the Application and Waiver of Liability

DUES (Monthly)   $25 under 18 or College  •  $30 Adult  •  $45 Family Rate

                         2-month discount for annual prepayment (pay 10 months instead of 12)

FEE (Annual)  $60 Youth under 18 ($90 for Youth Yudansha)   •  $100 Adult

                          This is a combined AUSKF and NCKF fee for the calendar year (not pro-rated)

                           $35  Optional NCIA registration for iaido (must also be an NCKF member)


Kendo:  Membership is open year-round to anyone regardless of experience, gender or age, though young children must be able to maintain attention and good behavior for the duration of practice. The youngest will be excused early from the longer practice sessions. We welcome visitors at any practice however, it is advisable to contact us and confirm that there has not been a change in schedule. For beginners, practices begin with an introduction to kendo “reiho” (etiquette) followed by stretching, repetitions of footwork and other exercises. Kendo requires stamina rather than brute strength. Coordination of mind and body are emphasized. Stamina and spirit are built up through consistent practice toward more challenging drills and higher levels of training. No equipment or special clothing is needed to begin. We will loan you a “shinai” (bamboo sword), which we have a limited supply of. We also have new ones you may buy at our cost. Your clothing should be comfortable and suitable for active exercise. Jeans are not advisable; pant cuffs should not drag. After several weeks, you may wear your own “kendogi” (kendo jacket and trousers), available from vendors listed on the RESOURCES page. After a few months of consistent training you may start practicing in “bogu” (armor). We have a limited number of used sets to loan until you can acquire your own.  Prices vary according to quality of material and level of construction. In general the least expensive kendogi are priced about $90-130. Bogu sets start new at about $450. The Resources page has an FAQ and instructions on buying, wearing and maintenance of clothing and equipment.

Iaido:  The Monterey location offers iaido instruction, which is concurrent with kendo practice but taught separately by Cynthia Tanabe Sensei (5 Dan). Iaido is a martial art discipline of self improvement through the use of a metal sword known as an iaitō. Unlike kendo, iaido does not employ a physical practice partner. It is a solo practice employing a prescribed series of movements called kata. There are different schools of iaido in Japan, but it is Seitei Iaido that is taught in Monterey. The twelve standardized kata forms, known collectively as seitei-gata, entails envisioning various scenarios of attack by one or more swordsmen in which the iaidoka alertly responds in a sequence of precise, fluid motions. Mind, body and sword coordinate in unsheathing the sword to ward off the attack, counter-striking the attacker(s) and then clearing the sword with an elegant flourish before re-sheathing - the entire sequence executed in a state of disciplined awareness and stoic composure. Seitei iaido has a distinctly different sword dynamic than kendo, which employs a bamboo sword and protective armor, yet the two are complementary sword arts. The iaitō is a blunt metal blade that is otherwise identical to the sharpened katana of samurai. Advanced iaidoka wear special clothing and accessories but beginners have no need of such items - we loan wooden swords to start with. For more information, please visit the NCIA page.

CONTACTS    E-mail

Phone (Salinas)   Jimmy Eitoku  (831) 596-2038

Phone (Monterey)    Eddie Hurt    (831) 917-2600

Updated 9/19/17